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One of the most requested braiding tutorials is the Starburst Braid. In this video, Sam Villa demonstrates how to achieve this braid in easy to understand steps.

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25 replies
  1. Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn says:

    If you want your braid to look good and professional we have to pull tight. Unless you want to walk out of our salon and it fall down. Thanks sam villa your amazing

  2. Sally Khalid
    Sally Khalid says:

    Wow he seemed really rough with the models hair & head too. The way he was pushing, and twisting her head to position it was so rough. I was surprised the model still had a smile on her face. I wonder if in her contract there is some kind of a clause cover hair pulling & head pushing preventing her from telling him to be gentle?!

  3. Doris Ramos
    Doris Ramos says:

    OMG did the model die for him be so "rough"? nooo. I like it a lot. I love what she is wearing ,the dress looks very pretty and those wristbands (please correct me if I'm wrong) look so cool.

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