Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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*Squatty Potty
Hairspray in a Cream
Silicone Straw Tips
Kids Size Silicone Straws
LED Under Cabinet Lights
Top Entry Litter Box
Roll n Clean Litter Box
*Litter Box mat
Phone Strap with Wallet
Neck and Shoulder Weighted Heading/Cooling Pad
Dash Egg Cooker
3 Tier Spice Shelf

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Smashbox Under Eye Primer Faced Born This Way Concealer (I wear shade Snow)
Cover FX Power Play Concealer (Shade N Fair 2 Under Eyes)
Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil (Shade 3)
Too Faced BTS Mascara
Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask
Jouer Lip Enhancer Balm (For on the go)
Brazilian BumBum Cream (The hype is not a joke)

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

34 replies
  1. Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith says:

    for my phone, I bought a metal ring with a magnet. Life changing lol. I couldn't get down with the strap. And the pop socket was worthless to me lol. IDK if you have tried a ring, but I love it and it doesn't get dirty 🙂

  2. SandersonSister
    SandersonSister says:

    I legit have had that same bidet in my amazon cart for the past few months…I honestly don’t know what’s stopping me from actually purchasing it. I need to buy it finally!

  3. MissireRainey
    MissireRainey says:

    Having any card with a magnetic strip up against a mobile phone for any prolonged amount of time is prone to demagnetizing the strip. You probably shouldn't use the mobile strap that stores cards.

  4. Nancy Tipton
    Nancy Tipton says:

    TMI warning: I really, really need the bidet! Because I have a pretty severe case of Crohn's Disease, let's just say, paper gets ROUGH.
    Oh! And the rolling cat box is another necessity around here now that my little old man kitty is nearing 15 years old and goes often.

  5. Agraf831
    Agraf831 says:

    I just got a bidet about a week ago, and it’s amazing!!!! Another weird amazon find for me is the Pixie Luxe menstrual cup. Sounds gross at first, but it’s a game changer!

  6. Jeny D
    Jeny D says:

    My cat never used t helitter box. I tried so so many , The only thing she ended up using was a low to the ground plastic tub, like for storing shoes that was short on the sides but super huge. like for storing stuff under the bed. :/

  7. Ohello
    Ohello says:

    I read the egg cooker reviews and I'm dying!!! 😂

    ""I thought "the timer will sound" meant a pleasant little ding or chime or I would've even been okay with a short elephant trumpet, but instead this tiny but mighty cooker will put out a continuous, shrill, miniature SIREN. What is it Lassie!?!? Is it the world's smallest hurricane flood warning? Are the tornadoes coming!? Is there a fire!??

    No it's your eggs, they're cooked""

  8. Mel G
    Mel G says:

    I seriously don’t think people know what it’s like to truly live until they get a Squatty Potty.
    I swear by them and people think I’m so weird for telling them to get one all the time. 😂😂

  9. Katy
    Katy says:

    I just bought an acrylic 5 tier spice rack because I didn’t want to buy a spice rack that would require me to decant into matching jars! I also bought a tea bag box with drawers that has 27 compartments that stand rather than lay, which is great because I was so tired of the small boxes falling all over the place and now I can see what I have!

  10. Bridget
    Bridget says:

    Not even kidding, those types of litter mats changed my life. My cat is super messy when kicking around litter and nothing I used helped to keep the kitty litter area tidy. The 2 layered mats are amazing because they actually catch the litter and has reduced the litter he tracks out of the box by 90%.

  11. L C
    L C says:

    I didn’t know bidets could be installed that cheap & easily!! I can’t live without the Cottonelle wipes so I def need to get one!!!

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