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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Yvaine24
    Yvaine24 says:

    Finally someone who does a tutorial to really teach and not to just show off. Only tutorial that explains the start of the braid 🙂

  2. Lauren Dougherty
    Lauren Dougherty says:

    "Don't add pieces to that stop strand anymore. Just add them to the bottom."

    BEST BRAIDING ADVICE I'VE FOUND SO FAR. Seriously, I can frigging braid now when I couldn't before! Thank you!

  3. Sarah McCann
    Sarah McCann says:

    Ignore the negative and be who you are 🙂 you remind me of my niece, goofy, full of life, and those hauntingly pretty eyes! Thanks for posting, and for describing it as you go in a way any teen could understand.

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