Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Fiona Horvat
    Fiona Horvat says:

    Woah when Hannah sang “mr. blue sky” she literally flashed me back to the day of your graduation vlog when you guys were singing it while driving to dunkin LOLLL

  2. Emily Kennedy
    Emily Kennedy says:

    When ever you thought that your tan looked bad it looked good lol I am really pale and wnat to use some self tanner but don’t wnat it to be too noticeable

  3. Salina Mariel
    Salina Mariel says:

    I know peoples lives aren't really what they seem on the internet but your life seems so full and happy and I'm JEALOUS. I've been watching your vids since your freshman year at BU and it's been so cool watching you grow and mature as a person but never lose yourself. Love your vlogs!!

  4. Ceara Bostick
    Ceara Bostick says:

    I love to self tan, did you say what kind you used? I didn’t hear it, I wanna try it, it looks so good Gretchen, you look very “airbrushed”❤️
    Love you cookie!!

  5. jade zavarella
    jade zavarella says:

    my mom used to grind up her avocados in the blender and use them as like a powder in her smoothies?? apparently its extremely healthy but tastes really bitter. Either way pls don't quote me on that I don't want it to be my fault someone dies bc I said u can!!! ok thx!!!!

  6. Maya
    Maya says:

    sloths didn't cause avocados to be widespread haha sloths aren't even widespread
    but I'm sure they've contributed to the transport of seeds locally
    I would guess that a lot of avocado growth is intentional planting of avocado trees for commercial purposes (gotta profit off of those hipster millenials)

  7. Jaime Brooke30
    Jaime Brooke30 says:

    I hope your week was well! Can you do a Q & A with your roommates? Favorite things about Boston, urging tips for general fitness, and did you guys compete against each other during high school rowing. Does anyone want to stay in Boston after college? Does anyone want to go into sports broadcasting?

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