Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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UGH Sorry this one is slightly out of focus too! :o(

Links for products:
Guerlain Terracotta Jolie-
St Tropez Mouse-
Living Proof PHD Styling Treatment-
Hourglass Ambient Blush in Etherial Glow-
Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara-
Hourglass Lipstick in whisper-
Laura Mercier Matte Radiant Powder Highlight 01-
Sephora Lip Stain 05-
St Tropez Tanning Oil-
NARS Radiant Concealer-
Marc Jacobs Bronzer-
Sephora Pro Tapered Crease brush-
Formula X Nail Polish-
First Aid Beauty Polish-
Famous Dave’s Reserve Self Tanner-
Colleen Rothschild-
Karora Self Tanners-

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I am wearing:
Face- Guerlain Meteorites Primer, Guerlain Lingere De Peau Foundation, Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, Bobbi Brown Spot Corrector, Chanel Loose Powder, Marc Jacobs Concealer, Guerlain 4 Season Bronzer, Hourglass Mood Exposure
Eyes- Benefit Stay Don’t Dtray, MUFE Aqua Cream 16, Smashbox Photo Op Eye Trio, Laura Mercier Pan Liner, Blinc Brow Mouse, Dior Iconic Overcurl
Lips- Sephora Lip Cream 05, Marc Jacons Sweet Escape
Nails- Sally Hansen In Prompt Blue
Engagement and Wedding band- Michael B
Necklace- Roberto Coin Diamond Bezel chain
Earring- Diamond studs (similar)
Right hand Ring (If I am wearing it) John Hardy Black Saphire Fall 2010 Collection (Similar)
Camera Used-

*I purchased all items in the video, unless stated in the video that it was sent to me. Posts include affiliate links.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

35 replies
  1. ShimmerNfaith
    ShimmerNfaith says:

    Do u normally go to a tanning salon for spray tan or tanning bed along with self tanning? U always have a great tan and glow that is even on your face and body.

  2. Denise G
    Denise G says:

    Wow always look forward to your hauls Lisa!! I am really interested in hearing your thoughts on the items from Colleen Rothschild as I've heard only good things! When I switch up my skincare I was thinking of going with Paula's Choice but now you got me wondering,have you tried any of the PC's?? Of course keep us filled in on these self tanners,I'd prefer to have a little safe color this summer…..xoDenise

  3. Mrs Ginger Beauty
    Mrs Ginger Beauty says:

    Ooh cool, I nearly bought that Laura Mercier highlighter but instead got the Kevin Aucoin one simply because of the smaller packaging. Will buy it soon I'm sure. I have tried the St Tropez tan oil – am about to do a review of it (will be up in a few weeks) but I've only used it once and its' amazing – pro's – nice even colour, no streaking, possible cons – strong smell for the first few minutes, reviews say it stays tacky for a long time but I didn't find it stayed tacky for longer than 5 mins, it was a little bit patchy on my wrists and I didn't put it on my hands. I tried it neat but am going to try it again mixed with body lotion. Hope that helps. x

  4. MsKristinn321
    MsKristinn321 says:

    So many nice things to try!  I don't normally every see a result from skincare either, perhaps I need to try the Colleen Rothschild line.  Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  5. Redrew25
    Redrew25 says:

    I searched for your last hair routine and I noticed you haven't done one in a really long time. Your hair looks so amazing, is there products you've been loving? 

  6. Gaby Rojas
    Gaby Rojas says:

    Great Haul Lisa! Would love to see a full review on the Guerlain terracotta Jolie foundation and also the facial products from Colleen. Thank you! Hope you have a fun and safe Trip!


  7. Typical White Girl
    Typical White Girl says:

    Can you check too make sure your in focus before you film? That sounded so mean but I promise I meant it in the nicest way possible. I do love that in every haul you do you give us close ups & their really great close up shots too! My favorite type of hauls from you are the extremely long like 20 minute one's. 😉 lol!

  8. Barb Robbins
    Barb Robbins says:

    I purchased several products from Colleen Rothschild when they launched and am really loving the line as well. The cleanser, masks, and moisturizers are amazing.

  9. wendy blassi
    wendy blassi says:

    The St Tropez dry oil went straight back to Sephora I was not a fan, the smell is not great, but after I returned it I was wondering how it would work when using it mixed with an everyday moisturizer.  Don't expect a big color payoff with this. Nice haul Lisa!

  10. levi0596
    levi0596 says:

    Great haul Lisa. I love when you do hauls. I'd love to see a review on the Santee products and the St Tropez Dry Oil. I'd like to know about your exercise program. Do go to the gym daily and what exercises do you do? Thks much.

  11. Nicola Preece
    Nicola Preece says:

    Great haul!! I know how much you love the gold guerlain primer… I thought you'd like to know that it's readily available at…….and they have free shipping to the States!! Xx

  12. ADivaThing
    ADivaThing says:

    Lisa, I've followed you since 2008. Just wanted to say thank you for being real. You're amazing. This makes me wanna film my huge sephora collective haul. Yikes. It's taking over my room lol anyways, have a great day girl

  13. Patty Killion
    Patty Killion says:

    WoW!!  This video is just a whirl of excitement.  I would love this so much more if you could just slow down a tad a d show the products just a little more.   🙂

  14. Christine Donovan
    Christine Donovan says:

    Can't wait for the dry oil review! I saw it presented on QVC and it looks great but they can make anything look good.

    Since you have such a good relationship with the Colleen Rothchild brand, would it be possible to do a Q&A with them? Not sure how that would work but skin care is one of those categories were tons of money is spent and who knows if I'm doing things that are actually benefitting my skin!

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