Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount


Hi everyone, recently a lot of you have asked me in the comments of my recent videos, how I stay looking tanned! I still use the sunlabs tanner that I started using in January… It’s the most natural colour. It’s not as easy to apply as the gradual moisturiser tanners but it’s always even and never orange.

I just tested my code for 5% off code (0401) and it still works 😀 Use it at for 5% off ANYTHING you order.

Sorry for the re-upload, I’m going to Sydney this weekend so a new vid mightn’t be up til Sunday.

thanks 🙂

Love you guys SO much!


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. swozzie 99
    swozzie 99 says:

    silly question, but how do you apply self tanner on your back area when you're living on your own and don't have a helper on hand. any helpful tips?? cheers heaps x

  2. suzy kiely
    suzy kiely says:

    LOL Chloe ……….kinda make me laugh when u said my lifestyle is dangerous LOL me too ive got so pale skin with freckles but i still cook like im up for sunday dinner in the sun lol……….when i went to aus i used the dove one…. it is good stuff bt its got heaps of moisturiser in it and when u get to a stage of brown it kinda goes slimy slides of in the heat a bit LOL used that on last visit to austrailia 🙂 wish i was miss the place! moved to france now from england

  3. Rebekah Harker
    Rebekah Harker says:

    How often do you exfoliate? How often do you reapply?? Do you just exfoliate before reapplying or inbetween?? Do you get every last bit of the previous weeks tan off before reapplying?? Thanks

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