Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Make your favorite nail polish, a wearable piece of jewelry that is fun, easy and super cute!!!


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Manuela Machado
    Manuela Machado says:

    Super project thank you. Did you let the varnish dry between layers. Also while I also have a glue gun, I also have turbo tacky glue and E 6000 are these just as good? 🙂

  2. Sueanne Lear
    Sueanne Lear says:

    Thanks for going into so much detail I had seen another video but it didn't going in much detail and I didn't feel clear on it all so I really appreciate you going into detail and sharing little tips that will help. You can also get those stones at the dollar store a bag for a dollar good deal.

  3. klaritydawn
    klaritydawn says:

    Oh my gosh that is the Coolest thing!! I can't believe I've never seen these before! Awesome!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I liked and subbed and I can see tons of other interesting things off to the side that are your tutorials as well…..I think I just found my new Craft Queen!! 🙂

  4. Deborah Wood
    Deborah Wood says:

    I have found in a lot of crafts they recommend black as a base because it blocks light which might dilute the colors — sounded like a good explanation to me LOL

  5. Carrie Jolly
    Carrie Jolly says:

    Thank you for this video! The other ones I've tried to watch didn't even have audio and I was always like.."What are you doing right now? It would be nice if you told me!" Lol but you're very funny and helpful and have a lovely voice! 🙂

  6. Amy215
    Amy215 says:

    love this. do you sell them to friends or family. I am going to make a business out of this. BTW what if I use white instead of black on the back, b/c to me I think black would make the colors look darker?

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