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49 replies
  1. Bekah Stoneking
    Bekah Stoneking says:

    After a marathon, what happens?

    The runner collapses into her friends' arms. They wrap her up in a foil sheet. They feed her bananas. They might carry her off the road to a recovery place. She gets a massage. She takes time to rest and heal.

    The foil, bananas, carrying… they're not signs of weakness. They don't negate the badass thing she just did. They're just what her body needs to recover from the stress and physical trauma of a marathon.

    In a similar way, this is what therapy does for us (and I know— I avoided therapy for YEARS, thinking that I wasn't "bad-off enough to 'need' a therapist" or that going to therapy was somehow admitting that I was weak and not equipped enough to manage my emotions. But none of that is true. And when my therapist explained the marathon-foil-banana thing, it all made sense.

    You've been through a LOT— with your dad, your ACL, finishing college, the crazy stuff you endured while rowing. All of that stacks up. You need tin foil and bananas. That's okay. You're still a badass. Just let someone help carry you off the street for a minute.

    Call a therapist <3

  2. Carlisle Pinter
    Carlisle Pinter says:

    your vlogs make me so happy ahhh ily girly and the anxiety of getting yourself to a therapist is pale in comparison to the amazing outcome of talking to someone, take care of yourself and it's okay to be struggling!!

  3. flippcrazy
    flippcrazy says:

    I did the same after my mom passed, i stayed hours away at college and using school as a distraction from my grief. When I moved back home after graduation that year, I realized how much grieving I still had to do. Take your time to find a healthy way to deal with the loss of your dad. I learned three years later ignoring it didn't actually help me cope like I thought it did. That also doesn't mean you have to change and be sad all of the time! Hold onto the joy and positivity you continue to see in life. It's a blessing our loved ones love to see looking down on us <3

  4. Emily Porcellato
    Emily Porcellato says:

    So funny seeing all these Americans becoming obsessed with Aritiza. In elementary school I was OBSESSED with TNA sweaters/leggings and used to beg my mom to buy them for me (with that logo lmao). Any other Canadians relate?

  5. MizTamara
    MizTamara says:

    I never comment on anyones videos, but Ive also lost a parent, my mom at age 13, I feel compelled to comment because our pafents shafe a birthday! Im much older now, ive delt with the loss longer, so I just want to let you know, it gets easier. you'll never forget, you'll never not cry, but it will get easier. And your right dont block your emotions cry or do whatever will make you feel better when your sad. Peace and blessings !

  6. Hilerie Harris
    Hilerie Harris says:

    Therapy helped me a lot when I lost my mom unexpectedly last year. It's not too late to go talk to someone. Thank you for talking openly about grief. It's okay to express your emotions openly. I cry openly at times and I don't apologize for it.

  7. mademoisellesss
    mademoisellesss says:

    My dad lost his father when he was 16, his dad was an extremely flawed man who had issues with alcoholism for a long time, but he was still my dad's dad, and he loved him with all his heart. He also tragically lost 3 of his siblings the year before his dad passed. It was hard, he had a hard time for a good five years, and sometimes it still weighs heavily on him decades later. But he smiles more now when he talks about them, the sadness isn't overwhelming his ability to think of good memories anymore, and so more often than not the stories he shares are happy and I think the ache has dulled. I know you will carry your dad's loss forever, but may the weight you carry become lighter with time.

  8. KeeeeksMonster
    KeeeeksMonster says:

    Honestly max and you are the same person! Hope your relationship is doing good since you have been going through a lot it sometimes sadly tests your relationship. But it seems like it even made sour relationship stronger. I know it it sometimes hard to judge relationship based on what you see online but I think you two are goals. Love your videos Gretchen ❤️ love from Germany 😊

  9. Liv Heideman
    Liv Heideman says:

    I lost my dad a few years ago and every time you talk about your dad and dealing with loss in your vlogs candidly it makes me feel so much better. Grief comes in waves and hits you at the strangest times. Thank you for showing those raw moments and explaining why you feel that you do, bc speaking from experience i can definitely say it takes so long to wrap your mind around it being real bc it doesnt feel real. Love the vlogs, always one of the best parts of my day😇

  10. Bella Mastendino
    Bella Mastendino says:

    i never comment on youtube, but this the first video I have watched by you. I couldn't believe the connections we have, despite the fact that some are not great. My mother also passed away this past March… I have been going through the exact same waves of grief, and I just recently decided I need to finally go see someone. I also live north of boston which is crazy. that being said I subscribed because you are super sweet! I find it comforting to know there is another girl my age going through a strangely similar situation! <3

  11. Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie says:

    I recently started therapy and it has been the best decision I’ve made in awhile. Now I love going and love my therapist! Don’t feel bad if it takes you a little longer to start going, everything comes with time and you will know when you are truly ready to start 💙

  12. Hana Counts
    Hana Counts says:

    Girl for you the hardest part is getting there and the first couple times !! You got this !🙌🏼🙌🏼 it’s never easy. Your not alone 💕 I’ve gone through different trauma but therapy has legit saved my life. There’s never a wrong time to go 💕

  13. Ava Tracey
    Ava Tracey says:

    i know that this isn’t even close to what you’re going through with your dad, but my grandmother just died and i was in shock for a good 4 days. when i was flying home from california on a plane i just started crying and you’re so right grief does hit you at any point and any time. i’ve rewatched all of your videos talking about that to help me, thank you & hope you’re doing well❤️❤️❤️

  14. Mesphina Kudowor
    Mesphina Kudowor says:

    There's no right way to grieve. Grief looks different for different people. It's great to process it the way you feel is best. It is only something of concern if you're finding it disrupting your daily life in any way. You and the people in your life will be able to tell what the disruption is. But like I said before, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Only ways that may hurt or help us. Good luck on your therapy search

  15. Kirsten Reddoch
    Kirsten Reddoch says:

    I drove through Branstable today and almost stopped at Nirvana for a coffee 🙂
    Went to the movies at the Cape Cod Mall instead to kill some time and wait the storm out before driving home and the theater lost power haha! movie shut off and everything it was such a funny situation to be in.


    Looks like you’re having such an amazing time!! 💕 I’ve just uploaded a BULGARIA TRAVEL VLOG 🇧🇬 ✈️ let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate it ☺️

  17. Rachel Kamath
    Rachel Kamath says:

    Tip: go to a therapist you feel a connection with! You will understand what this means when you go, and don’t be afraid to change therapist! I wish you the best of luck Gretchen💕

  18. Wendy Rose
    Wendy Rose says:

    Gretchen I lost my mom on April 5th and going through this terrible period of loss “with” you has been so helpful. I feel like I have you as a friend to relate to during all these tough times. I’m so grateful for you and your videos- love you❤️❤️❤️

  19. Anna Perelmuter
    Anna Perelmuter says:

    As a Canadian I have LOVED Aritzia (orginates from Canada) for years, so glad you have Aritzia in the US! Aritzia stuff is such amazing quaility, and worth it especially during the sale! Dying of laughter with the pie eating contest Max won, watched the video on your IG story multiple times! haha Get that ribbon framed! There better be a vlog with the pie eating contest!

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