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EASY EVERYDAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL 2019 PRODUCTS USED IN VIDEO: – MAKEUP BRUSHES: **70% OFF** these Vanity Planet Free Makeup Brushes: USE CODE: GLAM30 (only $30 bucks!) WOW!! – http://vpwow.com/glam30 (Works out around £15 including delivery) – BROWS: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dntsz8cfywp & https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dnts2xcfywp – PRIMER: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dntsuacfywp – FOUNDATION: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dntsvccfywp – CONCEALER: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dntsyncfywp – POWDER: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dntswccfywp – BRONZER: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dntsw9cfywp […]

Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial – DRUGSTORE

Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial Hey Dolls, I wanted to film something more natural as most of my makeup tutorials are very dramatic. So I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! 70% off these Vanity Planet Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes: http://vpwow.com/glam30 Use Code after checkout: GLAM30 (only $30 bucks)! OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME: INSTAGRAM: […]