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FSU students to present Collegiate Blockchain Conference

Panels to explore Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency Florida State University students have organized the first Collegiate Blockchain Conference at the university to explore cryptocurrency and the associated technology known as Blockchain. “Seemingly every notable corporation is exploring Blockchain in some capacity; however, there is a drastic shortage of talent,” said Derek Strauss, founder of FSU’s Cryptocurrency […]

Blockchain: Advice for Businesses Considering Bitcoin-Inspired Tech

Blockchain technology began with Bitcoin, but it has since been coopted by businesses as the preferred brand name for all sorts of cryptographically spruced up databases. Just about every corporate innovation program is experimenting with, or at least eyeing, the trend—look, boss, we’re innovative! But how should companies really approach the technology, if at all? […]

Rwanda Implements Blockchain Initiative to Track Tantalum

Circulor and PRG are currently using a blockchain platform to track Rwanda’s tantalum across the supply chain. Most of the world’s tantalum used in consumer electronics comes from Rwanda, and investors are looking for conflict-free minerals. UK-based startup Circulor is working with Power Resources Group (PRG), which manages mining (not to be confused with cryptocurrency […]

Blockchain Can Settle US Equity Market Daily Trading Volumes – Report

Distributed ledger technology could support more than 100 million transactions per day, a five-month test has shown. Blockchain has the capability to offer settlement services for daily trading volumes in the United States equity market, according to a report that the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) published Tuesday. The company, which is one of […]

Canadian Firm to Build Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Platform for Cannabis Industry

Canada-based blockchain and crypto company DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMG) has announced the development of a global supply chain management platform for the legal cannabis industry, according to an announcement published Oct. 17. As reported by Canada’s national public news and information service CBC, the country’s government officially legalized recreational marijuana as of today. Cannabis […]

Jumping Over Hurdles For Blockchain Enterprise Adoption

Many businesses have joined the blockchain trend, but there are some aspects of the technology that make enterprises wary. Multinational information technology giant IBM has made its presence known in the blockchain industry. It seems that every month the company is up to something with the distributed ledger technology. IBM, however, is more the exception […]

Since the Beginning of the Year, the Number of Blockchain Startups in Israel has Tripled and now Stands at Over 200

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Israeli Blockchain Association has released its third Israeli Blockchain Startup Map, which covers over 200 startups operating in the blockchain industry. Most Israeli blockchain startups are concentrated in the Fintech (57 companies) and Protocols/ Core Infrastructure (37 companies) sectors. A large increase was seen in the […]

Can This Blockchain-Based Fintech Disrupt International Payments After $30M Exchange IPO?

Close up of a Bitcoin with fiat (paper0 currency in the background. Moving away from traditional technology, the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) has indicated that it will adopt blockchain ledger, into its systems, the same technology Bitcoin uses. (Source: Getty, Royalty free). Australian fintech company Identitii that enables the secure overlay of “transaction-level” detail on top […]

Toyota sees 21% performance lift with blockchain optimization for programmatic ads

Dive Brief: Toyota experienced a 21% lift in performance in a pilot of a blockchain-optimized programmatic campaign created in partnership with agency Saatchi & Saatchi and blockchain advertising analytics firm Lucidity, according to a news release. The effort is reportedly the auto industry’s first blockchain-powered campaign.  Performance was calculated by comparing non-optimized placements with the optimized […]