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Bandwagon Aims to Solve Ticket Fraud With The Blockchain

Each year $2.3 billion is spent on fake ticket sales, but a new software platform is taking the stage to eliminate ticket fraud, through the use of blockchain technology. Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Bandwagon is a blockchain-based ticket authenticity and fan identity management company. It’s also one of ten businesses taking part in IBM’s Blockchain […]

Jones Day Presents: Smart Contracts and Blockchain

February 2019 In the sixth in a series of 12 Jones Day Presents: Blockchain videos, partner Mark Rasmussen discusses smart contracts, which execute automatically upon the occurrence of an event, and describes the use of the technology in service contract agreements, the Internet of Things (IoT), and its applicability to blockchains.  Watch other […]

Why Freelance Workers Should Be The First To Adopt Blockchain

Freelance workers don’t often have as many rights yet are driving a staggering amount through our economies.Getty Are you one of the estimated 162 million people in Europe and the United States who consider themselves a freelance worker? With the rise of the gig economy on the march through well-known models such as Uber, Airbnb, […]

Is blockchain the future for supply chains?

By LM Staff · February 19, 2019 As blockchain technologies continue to develop, one question still remains – is blockchain the future for supply chains? Amber Road’s white paper, Digital Data & Technology Standards: The Glue That Enables Blockchain for Supply Chain, explores the digitization that must take place for blockchain to reach its full potential. […]

What JPMorgan’s New Cryptocurrency Means for Banking and Blockchain – Adweek

When J.P. Morgan announced it had created its own cryptocurrency last week, the bank left the industry speculating about what the move might mean for the blockchain-based payments and for the broader future of banking. JPM Coin, as it’s called, isn’t a traditional cryptocurrency—instead of being something to invest in—it’s more of a tool for […]

Interested in blockchain tech? Don’t miss this talk

Yaya Fanusie, senior fellow at the Center on Economic & Financial Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, spent seven years as an analyst of economics and counterterrorism in the CIA, briefed President George W. Bush on terrorism and spent three months in Afghanistan providing analytics to senior military officials. Yaya Fanusie. (Courtesy photo) Recently, he co-authored the […]