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It’s the blockchain, stupid: Local tech professionals say blockchain is the main event, not bitcoin | Local

After CryptoWatt Mining LLC turned on its first servers in the MSE complex south of Butte, there has been a lot of talk about what bitcoin might mean for the Mining City. However, some folks in the technology sector say the greatest asset in the bitcoin phenomenon isn’t the cryptocurrency itself. Instead, it’s the underlying […]

Securities Token Roundtable Deliberations Continue Seeking Consensus on the Future of Blockchain based Securities | Crowdfund Insider

  As was reported last week, the Securities Token Roundtable is continuing deliberations in Barbados over the weekend. Organized in part by the efforts of Polymath who is hosting the event, the meeting includes a good number of emerging platforms and industry participants seeking to provide a consistent and regulatory compliant process to issue securities […]

The United Nations Investigates How Blockchain Can Impact Global Economics

The United Nations gathered 20 experts to investigate the ways in which blockchain can impact global economics. This panel of 20 experts was initiated by The United Nations’Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The experts are important figures from essential sectors such as industry and academia, and they will examine digital technologies, but the main focus will definitely […]

Cannabis Blockchain Solutions Make Sense in Growing Sector

Cannabis was recently legalized in Canada at the federal level. Numerous cannabis blockchain platforms could become more popular as the cannabis industry expands. Although cannabis is still illegal at the federal level in the USA, that could be changing in the next few years as well. Cannabis blockchain synergies exist in many areas. The genetics […]

Crypton Labs Blockchain Platform Offers Political & Celebrity Collectibles

There are several platforms in the market offering collectibles stored in the blockchain, but none of them were offering political figures. However, Crypton Labs, a blockchain-based platform allows individuals to collect public and political figures including Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. Each of these Crypton comes with a handcrafted image […]

Blockchain Qualifications from Free Courses to Degrees: Get Educated!

In this article, we explore a list of cryptocurrency and blockchain qualifications, from free online courses to university degrees. Don’t know what blockchain or cryptocurrencies are? Read our helpful guide. The digital currency market is quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest industries, despite being a relatively new concept. As a result of it’s accelerated […]

Where are the World’s Blockchain Hubs Actually Located?

With blockchain proliferating across the globe, many countries are now claiming to be “blockchain hubs”. Usually, what is meant by this is the country intends to put an infrastructure in place which could potentially attract blockchain companies at a later date. But there are definitely certain regions that are far ahead of the curve in […]

Blockchain Forged Fashion Authentication Project?

Many industries beyond the typical financial services are beginning to transform with the introduction of blockchain technology that seems to be accelerating a global shift.  One of the few major industries in the process of implementing blockchain. Genuine Fashion Token is an example of how blockchain can aid the global movement of fashion to increase […]